Welcome to this sociological blog!

I am a sociologist working on culture, ethics and emotions, and I like to blog about my work. I currently live and work in Germany.

I started this blog during my PhD at the University in Aberdeen. Back then, I mainly used it to write regularly about topics which were not related to my actual research. This has changed a bit. Back then I primarily wrote about novels I had read and cultural concerns which I shared. Over the years, I have begun to use this blog more and more as a venue for discussing research-related topics which I think deserve more attention or which pose challenges to me personally. Today, I write predominantly about how higher education works, how colleagues interact with one another and how sociology as a discipline negotiates international differences, to name just a few topics. I also like to re-blog interesting posts I see around the blogosphere. If I happen to overlook something you think belongs here or if you just want to drop me a line, please use the contact form below. Cheers and thank you for being interested! Antje.


1 thought on “Welcome to this sociological blog!”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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